Cis privilege does not exist. Male privilege does.

Femininity is not a fun game women play because we were born to enjoy dress-up.

The gender binary is a means of organizing social relations and distributing power. Power is gendered. Males and masculinity are systematically privileged over females and femininity. Feminine subordination manifests in wide-ranging social practices from intellectual dismissals of women’s ideas to the pervasive sexualization of female bodies– a phenomenon that begins at shockingly young ages. Being coercively assigned the feminine gender at birth, as all female-born people are, is not a privilege.

The notion of “cis privilege,” however, which is often used as an insult and/or to discredit the speaker, falsely posits a feminine gender assignment as socially equivalent to a masculine gender assignment. The near universal institutional oppression of females– the process by which male authority is ensured– clearly demonstrates that lumping all non-trans individuals into the same group is a gross oversimplification of how the gender binary operates. Non-trans females and non-trans males are not similarly situated persons in regard to gender.

So, for example, when someone says DIE CIS SCUM, they are charging  non-trans females with (at least) 50% of the responsibility for gender-normativity-as-oppression. It arrogantly assumes that all non-trans females are comfortable with, and benefit from, the current gender arrangement. This is simply not true. The concept of “cis privilege” simultaneously denies the experiences of millions of females who ideologically reject femininity as female destiny, and completely erases the reality of butch females as if they never existed.

It is victim-blaming and woman hating to suggest that those in the subordinate position of this powerful gender binary are responsible for withholding self-identified trans* people’s liberation from them. Females are not responsible for this situation. Non-trans feminists have worked very hard to oppose compulsory female femininity by deconstructing and conceptually disentangling sex from gender.

If circumstances were otherwise, I’d find the idea of “cis privilege” amusing when finally viewed from this feminist perspective: males benefit from their coercive gender assignment, females do not.  Anyone who wants to discuss “gender” and oppression should evince a basic understanding how and why the gender binary operates in the first place.

7 thoughts on “Cis privilege does not exist. Male privilege does.

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  2. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    I totally agree that Cis privilege dose not exist. It is another way trans use to slander anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Cis privilege to me is like calling someone a racist or sexist. It also deny’s biology and the separation of sex and gender

  3. Silly Trans people! How dare you imply by your feeble efforts to create a vocabulary that speaks to your oppression that us REAL women and REAL feminists are the only ones who are correct. Never mind that we’re policing your speech and defining your existence and your sex for you. You should be lucky we even refer to you in your preferred pronouns at all? Don’t tell us that women born female routinely shame each other and their children about their femininity or lack thereof. They get the shorter end of the stick than men so that validates our point of view completely. Please go home and remain mute and invisible now before we crowd source an updated version of Transsexual Nation.

  4. Define your sex?? Hello, nature does that, not feminists.

    And policing YOUR speech? LOL! Trans have appropriated every.single.word. we use to describe ourselves. Every one.

    The gender binary is DESIGNED to create and maintain male authority over females. If you don’t know WHY genders are “coercively assigned” in the first place, you just sound ignorant when you suggest that males and females are equally positioned on the gender HIERARCHY.

  5. the whole idea of privilege makes no sense at all. It’s just a bunch of people who want to feel oppressed in order to get sympathy from everyone else and so made up an imaginary term to explain their deluded plight. Just because male dominance was a problem in the past doesn’t mean that it is today; most 1st world countries actually favour the words of women over those of men in almost all circumstances.

    The gender binary is something that most people nowadays don’t actually care about outside of their personal sexual preference, and what right does anyone have to dictate how everyone is allowed to feel about certain types of man or woman? Stop perpetuating the idea that gender defines what you can and can’t do -in turn creating a self-imposed hierarchy and then acting like that somehow applies to reality- by constantly bringing it up when it’s both a non-issue and a strawman.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for strong and independent women, as well as the downplaying of the idea that all men should be strong and musclebound; everyone should be allowed to make choices about what they want to be, but no-one has the right to bully their way to world peace with their awful ‘social justice’.

    Finally, Misandry isn’t Feminism. Stop acting like they both exist under the same banner.

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