LESBIAN matters.

“That it is a Lesbian story is of great import. It details so much about the teller and her perspective. That she was a girl and is a woman. That she knows what it means to be an odd girl out to one degree or another. That she has hoped and yearned for – and hopefully known – the love of a woman. That she herself has loved a woman and knows what it means to love a woman as a woman.

It tells you that there is a high degree of probability that the Lesbian storyteller is a survivor and a fighter. And she has lived to tell, earned the right to tell. Storytelling may be the very thing that has saved her.”

A Woman's Country


“But some survive. Many of us have lived to tell our stories, to create Lesbian texts, to read Lesbian texts, even to write commentaries and criticisms of Lesbian texts. All of these activities must be pluralized, multiplied, complicated, and pluralized again, because there is no single, narrow, one-sentence definition of “The Lesbian.” The sexologists may have been the ones to name us, but we can, and do, create ourselves. Our of a mishmash of disinformation, misinformation and outright lies, each Lesbian constructs some story about who she is and who she might someday be…”

― Julia Penelope, Call Me Lesbian: Lesbian Lives, Lesbian Theory

Everyday I work my hardest to tell Lesbian stories, starting with mine. Even if I’m only able to tell them to myself for now. Even if I’m barely able to tell them to myself.

That it is a Lesbian story is of great import. It details…

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Dusk Is Falling

My email to Matt Mullenweg, owner of Automattic and Developer of WordPress:

Dear Matt,

I assume you are aware that popular blogger Gallus Mag of GenderTrender (http://gendertrender.wordpress.com/) has been locked out of her blog and no longer has access to her account after a concerted campaign by transgender activists and their supporters. This is deeply concerning to me. The tensions between transgender issues, feminist politics and lesbian concerns are fraught and seemingly increasing rather than decreasing. Debates are heated. Opinions vary widely. That does not make it okay to silence dissenting voices. GenderTrender is a blog that is dedicated to exploring transgender politics from a trans-critical perspective – from a questioning perspective. Not everyone likes this. Not everyone has to. The blog does not support or condone violence against transpeople. There are no threats made against transpeople, though there have been plenty of documented threats made against Gallus Mag and…

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